18 Ugly Truths About Modern Dating That You Have To Deal With

I’m a single gal and let me tell you dating is hard! Though I have but one relationship in my entire 23 years I can honestly say if you are not genuine and are willing to give as much as you get then you are in big trouble!
The way humans communicate and interact with each other now is sooooooooooooooo different than it was say 10 years ago. Eyes are glued to the smart phone or tablet and the art of conversation is deteriorating. People dont share much these days… if they do it is very superficial in the form of random pictures and videos.
I’m very open and accepting and I easily give of myself. Quite frankly I wear my heart on my sleeve!! I think that qualifies as a bad thing these days.
I’m not one for the mind games and the running around trying to outdo the other person. I prefer to say what I mean and mean what I say. Am I asking for too much by expecting the other person to reciprocate?
Dating just isn’t what it is and one’s approach to it plays a part in how the various types of relationships are formed.
Came across this post. I think it says it all…
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Thought Catalog

Celeste and Jesse Forever [Blu-ray]Celeste and Jesse Forever

1. The person who cares less has all the power. Nobody wants to be the one who’s more interested.

2. Because we want to show how cavalier and blasé we can be to the other person, little psychological games like ‘Intentionally Take Hours Or Days To Text Back’ will happen. They aren’t fun.

3. A person being carefree because they have zero interest in you looks exactly like a person being carefree because they think you’re amazing & are making a conscious effort to play it cool. Good luck deciphering between the two.

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4. Making phone calls is a dying art. Chances are, most of your relationship’s communication will happen via text, which is the most detached, impersonal form of interaction. Get familiar with those emoticon options.

5. Set plans are dead. People have options and up-to-the-minute updates on their friends (or other potential…

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101 Things I Will Teach My Daughters

I love this. I hope I have a daughter to share these with and what ever else I happen to learn on my journey to Motherhood. Enjoy 🙂

Thought Catalog

1. Chocolate is only a temporary fix.

2. A properly-fitting bra is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

3. Your happiness is your happiness and yours alone.

4. How to apply red lipstick.

5. How to wear the crap out of red lipstick.

6. A boyfriend does not validate your existence.

7. Eat the extra slice of pizza.

8. Wear what makes you feel gracefully at ease.

9. Love the world unconditionally.

10. Seek beauty in all things.

11. Buy your friends dinner when you can.

12. Wear sunscreen like it’s your second job.

13. Try with all your might to keep in contact with far-away friends.

14. Make the world feel at ease around you.

15. Walk with your head up.

16. Order a cheeseburger on the first date if you want to.

17. Never, ever bite your nails.

18. Swipe on some lipstick, put on your leather…

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